For Lola.

No one else will understand this, so move on, nowt to see her.

The Canadian Mountie is obviously keeping his options open. He’s keeping tabs on you and “laying the foundations” or I suppose in this instance, keeping one foot in the door incase of future carnal emergencies, making sure the foundations are kept in a good state of repair.

The Cricketer: The last person on earth I would talk to about my relationships with women is my mum. If I ever talked to my sisters it would never be about relationships either. I go to my female friends. The Cricketer obviously likes you, not just as a sex thing, he sees you as someone he can talk to on a level and talking to you reassures him. You’re like a safety blanket. The advice may not even be as important to him as simply talking to you and having the feeling that you care.

Mr Schoolboy I’m not sure about. It’s unplayer like not to actually meet up with the woman that you’re trying to sleep with. The one thing men can usually always find time for is women they like so I assume this one is doing the same as The Canadian Mountie and keeping a foot in the door. This may or may not be because of any number of reasons.

Mr A game is terrified of you or a boring human being but he’s hoping something will happen.

The Personal Trainer’s girl friend sucks in bed, not in a good way either, and his “successful” life is boring the crap out of him and he equates you with fun and adventure. You’d be surprised how many men are bored shitless in relationships with women everyone assumes makes them happy because  they’re good looking.


2 thoughts on “For Lola.

  1. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I do feel that most of the men I mentioned in the post are a bit of a lost cause…keeping me on the back burner and checking something better doesn’t come along…but the cricketer is different. I’d like to think there’s a friendship there and not just an elaborate and creative plan to get in my pants!

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