You know, I think I need some new friends. So B invites me to this “house party” on Friday night. I go there and I’m kept waiting for ages at the gate and eventually he and Plato come out. Apparently we need to talk because B doesn’t trust anything I say, Plato is pretty much there for support, he doesn’t say much. Immediately I’m like “this’ll be interesting” and it boils down to B hasn’t met S and doesn’t think she exists.

What this has to do with anything I wasn’t sure of, until I realised something: When you say to your best mate “If you don’t bang her I will but I won’t if you don’t want me to” and your mate is like, “Nope, this one is mine” and then you bang her anyway the world may be forgive for thinking that maybe you’re not entirely trustworthy. Then it occurred to me that B obviously felt that he had to get me on the backfoot about something and the only something there is the fact that he hasn’t met S.

Actually part of the reason I haven’t introduced her to him is because, oddly, I never really have trusted him around women that are important to me. I wouldn’t even normally invite him out if I was out with Dakota because if he thought he could get his dick wet he’d be all over her and screw how I felt about it. The flipside, of course, is the moment he finds some woman attractive he’s off going around threatening people to keep them away from her.

Eventually B kicked us all out about one-thirty because he was going for a bike ride early on the morning, which endeared him to all the guests most of which ended up back at Plato’s. I told him the full story of me and India and he said, “That’s not what I was told”  so I’m quite curious as to what exactly B told him.

I wasn’t in a particularly good mood with him last week, I’m in even less of a good mood with him this week. I think I’m actually in shock. I think I actually find the whole thing funny. It’s funny that he has the gall to ask me for permission to sleep with India, ignore me when I say no, then try and make out that he is the aggrieved one who has just found out that his mate can’t be trusted. I’m shocked and amused at the gall of it.

Am I missing something here? I spend months, literally months, actually getting to know someone, putting time and effort into it. I treat her with respect, I’m nice to her, we get on, we build a friendship which moves to the point where she tells me that she wants to have sex with me. Then I have a mate who meets her once and then, a few months later, the moment he splits with his GF mysteriously wants to join our Tuesday night drinking group to the point where he pesters me and pesters me and then when I finally invite him after he jokes about coming and cock blocking me, he turns up, gets her drunk, takes her home, totally wasted and shitfaced and covered in my other mates vomit and sleeps with her, potentially fucking my shit up. Who does that to their mate?

Then when I say, “You know what, bro? What you just did wasn’t cool” he then starts some bullshit about not being able to trust me because he hasn’t met another of my female friends. Is there something I am missing here? Is there something which makes this all fine and puts me in the wrong? You know what else? On Friday while he’s telling me he can’t trust me he says, while laughing, “I don’t give a fuck about India, if she were drowning I’d just let her drown”. So here’s a guy who fucks friendships up with his closest mates by sleeping with a woman that they’re putting effort in with and treating like a human being, and he doesn’t even like the woman.

Is this not so fucked up that you have to kinda laugh at it? Cuz I’m laughing. Is this not a “lul wut?” moment?

On top of all this, and maybe more importantly, he deliberately got my mate drunk and then slept with her and I’m not sure how I feel about this. Like if some random dude started buying one of my female friends drinks and was obviously deliberately trying to get her drunk I think I would step in and say something. I can see both sides of it; on one hand it’s her choice but then on the other the guy is getting her drunk so that she can’t make fully conscious choices, which I have issues with.

Anyway, enough drama.


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