Wing Commode.

I’m toying with the idea of buying Wing Commander: False Colors [sic]. When I was younger, when Wing Commander three had just come out in 1994 I loved it. I think in some ways if I could live in any fictional universe it’d be the Wing Commander universe. The war between the Confederation and Kilrathi Empire lasts for thirty-five years and there’s something about essentially perpetual war with an implacable foe that gives life meaning I think.

There’s something about living that way that appeals to me, it’s the same reason I read the Greek epics or Xenophon or Caesar; there is something heroic about living like that. If you screw up then it’s not just your life on the line but the fate of all your people. You must be focused, ready, devoted, every decision carries weight. Plus there’s the sheer adventure of it all; jumping on a ship bound on a near suicide mission to Kilrah thinking about how epic it’ll be if you get back and can sit in a bar with your mates after and be that person that has the balls to go on a near suicide mission to Kilrah. There’s that Achiellian thing: Do you live a long happy life, die, and be forgotten or do you live heroically, die anyway and be remembered forever? I think Achilles chose wisely.

Three thousand years later we’re still talking about the Trojan war; how long would people be talking about a war for the survival of humanity that lasted three and a half times as long?


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