Being a good boy.

Curious how much sex gets thrown at you when you decide to be exclusive to one person, who may or may not decide to jump into bed with you as a result. I decided to stay in last night, I’m near the end of an XCOM: Enemy Unknown game and I thought I’d finish it off. So I’m there at 1am alone downstairs with my can of Rockstar playing my game and my phone rings and a slightly tipsy female voice asks me where I am. I explain that I’m playing my game and she offers me a new game to play, so I explain the situation, she tells me that Dakota won’t find out, I’m quite insistent and she tells me that the situation won’t last and we hang up.

I go back to blasting aliens, I’m waiting for a battleship to turn up so that I can capture it’s fusion cores so that I can make upgraded rocket launcher things and suddenly whatsapp starts going mental with pure filth spewing out of it. Again I explain the situation and she starts basically begging me; she offers to pay for a taxi along with every depraved act that two human beings can get up to, she even offers me breakfast.

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy.

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