If you’re an American this doesn’t apply to please go about your business, this does not concern you.

“Racism/Sexism isn’t a belief, it’s a power structure”.


You see, in England where the English invented the language called English, which few Americans can speak properly, we don’t generally chuck things together and hope for the best.

“ism” is stuck on the end of a word so that everyone knows that you’re talking about an idea. Hence “emotional-ism” the idea that emotion takes precedence over rational-ism the idea that reason or being rational takes precedence over acting like an American and getting hyperemotional about mundane stuff. Commun-ism the the idea that resources and power should be shared communally, individual-ism the idea that things should be left up to the individual, not the commune. Parliamentarianism, the idea that parliament should be central authority of the state as opposed to Monarchism the idea that the monarch should be the central authority of state. Disestablishmentarianism, the idea that the church should be disestablished from the state, antidisestablishmentarianism, the idea that church and state should be one establishment.

None of these are power structures, they may be ideas about power structures, but they are not power structures per se.

Then come along the Americans with their education system which teaches that the Earth is 4,000 year old flat disc at the centre of the universe onto which God farted his various creations into existence fully formed and then it’s “racism is not a belief, it’s a power structure”. No. Wrong, you semi-literate barbarians.


These are all beliefs and ideas, ideologies, they are all isms. The suffix “ism” does not indicate a power structure, it indicates an idea. We do this in the English speaking world so that we don’t have to think about what kind of concept is being expressed. Although apparently you do, because you’re special. You need to be told “No, just like every other ism racism is an idea, not a power structure” because you’re dumb.

Please learn English.

If you’ve come up with some new concept then you need a new word, “racism” is an established concept. Saying “Oh, well, the definition is flawed because………” no. No, the definition is not flawed, you are a moron, you are a semi-literate, pathetically educated speaker of pidgin English. You do not even have the education required to formulate new words in English according to the rules of English because you have not been taught grammar. The definition is fine, you are using the word to describe a whole new concept for which you do not possess the education or intelligence to create a new word to express.

How about we not entrust the braining to you? You clearly has the dumb. You don’t even understand the language you are having brain farts in, which probably explains the quality of your lack of thinking. You’re the kind of person who thinks that they can lick their own ear while touching their elbows with their index fingers while yelling red backwards.

And I bet you just tried it, didn’t you?



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