Law of Nature: If a bunch of white males make something and it becomes popular or influential or lucrative every other mutherfucker will sooner of later bitch that they aren’t included or are under represented or that said white males are “white supremacist” or that whatever it is doesn’t present them the way they want to see themselves. Not only that but they’ll want a slice of the pie. Not they want to buy into the pie with merit or want to create their own pie: they’re just entitled to pie because they’re not white males.


Seriously, if ten thousand white guys moved to fucking Mars with those artificial wombs that science is working on and a shit ton of sex bots and they set up a colony that was prosperous, well ordered, and just generally awesome sooner or later women and every non white person on Earth would be scrambling to get up there and then when they got there it’d be “Oh this is patriarchal” “Oh, this is white supremacist” “Oh, we want top jobs with lots of power and money” “I have a vagina, I deserve money and power” “This isn’t diverse enough”.

You see this with gaming. Time was gaming was basically for one demographic, sure there was the odd literally token girl or the odd token ethnic minority person, but basically it was for people everyone else deemed to be total losers and they were geeky white males. If there was a black guy then they were the the black guy that all the other black people hated because they “acted too white” and if there was a girl then they were the girl all the other girls hated for being a tomboy.

J-boy talks about the time when if you wanted to play computer games, you actually had to know how to program, you actually had to know how to fix your rig yourself. You spent half your life with a programming manual in your lap: everything was made by the community for the community, it was ours. We literally owned it because we literally made it. Games were made by two guys in their mum’s basements half the time, and you knew who they were because some gamer or other was running a magazine and interviewed them. Early EA games had manuals which told you all about the guys who developed the games. Do you know what the community looked like? It’d looked like a bunch of nerdy white guys; nobody was excluded because nobody wanted to join what was then a sorry bunch of losers that couldn’t get laid.

Fast forward and now the fembots are like, “Oh, we don’t like your games, they’re sexist and racist and homophobic and transphobic, you need to change them”. “There aren’t enough women in extremely well paid positions”. I think quite justifiably the response from gamers has been, “MAKE YOUR OWN FUCKING GAMES!”. Of course gaming is dominated by white guys, it was white guys that invented it: you wonder if these dumb fucks go to Japan and are like, “OMG Sumo wrestling is dominated by asian guys”.

It’s like, why are you coming to us about our shit? Why don’t you set up your own shit? Why don’t you go off and create something? Why is it that people are always coming to us about what we create and telling us that we need to change what we create to suit them?

Everything’s all “We were oppressed” “We were kept out of it” “White male heteronormative patriarchal structures…..” NO. You weren’t interested until it became cool and started making money. You weren’t interested in doing all the shitty jobs, like you won’t find feminists in coal mines because they’re too busy protesting that they should be legally entitled to board room jobs.

It’s not “white privilege” or “male privilege” or “white supremacy” it’s: the people who first made this, the people who got the ball rolling where all white and male, or nearly all white and male, and so oddly when it became successful the people that benefited most from it were……..yeah, white and male. Only when it became successful did anyone sit up and pay attention to it. Then it’s all “We’re under represented!” “White males are evil!”.


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