It’s interesting how at a time when the blogosphere and the press generally is all about women dating the manosphere is all about avoiding women like the plague or at least about avoiding relationships like the plague, especially marriage. I have so many female friends in their thirties that basically spend their lives going on dates, at least one of which basically does it because it’s a free night out, but they can’t actually find a man that they like. It seems that the men out there who are actually looking for relationships are mostly the guys who are single for a reason.

A lot of guys on the other hand just aren’t interested. I’m not massively interested myself. Sure I like Dakota, but she’s kinda the exception to the rule; she just is so awesome. Otherwise I really can’t be bothered with women; they’re lots of effort, they’re very expensive and frankly the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, I sort of blame H for this in a jokey kind of way. When I was young and ignorant and couldn’t get laid to save my life she was always telling me to work on myself, get some hobbies and interests, all that. Now I’m at the stage where my hobbies and interests dominate my life and compared to them women just seem a bit bland.

The thing I love about Dakota is that she’s got the intellect to keep up with the conversation between J-boy and me. Well, not just keep up with it, but actually be a part of it. That’s rare. I wouldn’t even like to put numbers on it but you don’t come across women like Dakota all that often. Most women don’t have hobbies and interests; most of them read but they read shit. Okay, I read some complete shit but if someone asks me who my favorite authors are I’m going to roll out the big guns and try and make an impression, not rattle off a list of literary soap opera writers. This kind of shit.

I tend to think that a person is as deep as the things that they read; I really judge people on what they read, I really judge myself on what I read, and it seems like finding a woman with any depth is just impossible. The manosphere is rife with this whinging that women are shallow and materialistic and basically that’s my experience of women too. I put it down to the fact that if you’re working thirty or forty hours a week and the rest of the time you’re watching soaps and reading shit, you’re not going to turn out to be the world’s most interesting person. That said, I know lots of interesting people that work thirty or forty hours a week: they’re just mainly guys.

Then they hit their thirties only they still think they’re twenty-five; they’re still looking for that bad boy who isn’t really a bad boy and who now realises that they are the woman of his dreams and that the previous three hundred and ninety-seven women were just preparation for her. Did I say twenty-five? I meant fifteen. Guess how most of the plots of the shit  they read go? Yeah, the protagonist is the three hundred and ninety-eighth woman who finally transforms him into the perfect male by saving him from his inner demons.

I think that lots of guys get to my age and they’ve made pretty good lives for themselves, as in, pretty much ideal lives for themselves. They’re emotionally self-sufficient, and in any case the women don’t have the emotional depth to be really loving and supportive anyway, they have their hobbies and their interests, bags of free time, plenty of money and they’re happy being single. Relationships are not an attractive thing for a lot of us. Relationships are an exchange of money and time, fun for regular sex with someone we have nothing in common with and all the opportunity costs that come with it part of which is giving up sex with women ten years younger than us.

We get this “you live in your mum’s basement and play video games all day” and the only rational response is, “Well, yeah, it’s better than what you’re offering”.


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