Part of the reason I draw a distinction between Western civilisation and “White culture” is because I’m deeply sceptical about the existence of race as a biological fact. Also I notice that people who generally talk about “White culture” are usually neo-nazis or “race realists”. Then this popped up in my Facebook feed and it’s nothing new, this “white privilege” thing has been floating around and gaining traction for a while now, but with recent events I see it really gaining traction and I see something potentially quite frightening beginning to emerge.

The one thing these types are right about is that white people are not typically, as the race realists say, “racially conscious”. The type of white people who are racially conscious, as I’ve said, generally belong to some nutty far right group or other and what I see now is an example of horseshoe theory because it seems to me that whereas the far right have really failed to make white people racially conscious, the far left are succeeding massively and I realised this when I saw this and this isn’t to say that Sargon is a racist because he isn’t, in fact the thing that makes it interesting is that he isn’t racist, but he can still say, “Isn’t it weird, though, how white males are so creative and industrious. They just keep making stuff; they keep inventing and creating and then you get people who aren’t white males coming along and whining about the things they’ve made. It’s almost like these people never make anything of their own”.

This is what I see: it’s white males who never really thought of themselves as white males, never really gave race a second thought and who have endeavoured their whole lives to treat people equally. These are not racist people, but because of the incessant narrative of the left against white males and the endless prattling on about white privilege are actually starting to get racially conscious.  Among white males “white males” is starting, as with Sargon, to become an in joke. Some feminist or other can launch into a critique and pretty soon some white male will say, “See, it’s those fucking white males again” and everyone joins in and it’s a good laugh.

So for the first time white males really are seeing themselves as white males and asking what it actually is all about to be white and male. When Tim Wise asks us what it means to be white the first two thoughts that flashed through my head were, “One day we’ll walk on Mars” and “We know Mars is a lump of rock, not a deity” and I realised from this that being white or at least being a white male is about thinking scientifically and creatively. I see that separation between Western civilisation and white culture evaporating, I see them becoming synonymous and I see potential for a future where if you’re not white, you’re not in what will be then seen as “our” culture. I see what was or is something anyone can sign up to as a way of thinking and a way of life and a system of values, something which proclaimed its universality, becoming racialised and parochial.

I think the expectation is that we’re all meant to be thinking about how we don’t get stopped and searched, or arrested for trivial things or any of those kind of things but nobody seems to have taken into account the fact that as a white westerner, sure you can list a whole load of really nasty stuff that the culture and civilisation has done. At the same time, though, if you’re expected to acknowledge slavery, colonialism, etc then you’re also forced to accept all of the science, medicine, technology, mathematics philosophy, the sheer balls of getting on a ship and heading off into the unknown just to see what is there because the question is always begged: How is it that a global ethnic minority ends up with so much wealth and power that it can be as imperialistic and colonising as it was? To state the obvious: to create global empires you need all kinds of technology, building and navigating ships requires quite complex mathematics and science, science requires a complex philosophy of knowledge. If you’re going to bind the negative up with whiteness then you also have to bind the positive up with whiteness.

This is pretty much what the far right has been trying to do for decades but never really achieved, but now the far left, I think, really has a chance to racialise our culture and fuck knows how that will turn out.


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