Tunisia part deux

I actually really feel sorry for IS over this. Really. Just like I feel really sorry for the IRA people that various non-existent, blandly named, units of the army dealt with. We’re not like the Americans, we don’t do this moral outrage that some oik got horribly tortured or that some group got fed intelligence about some mutually hated personage who then ends up dead, or a non-existent army unit kicks the door in and shoots them in their bed at 4am. We actually quite like it if Her Majesty’s Government does these kind of things, even if they’re done to people who are British citizens.

So fuck knows what we’re going to do to IS when we get hold of them, but I bear this in mind: We’ve been dealing with shits like IS for centuries and we know exactly how to deal with them and on a human level I feel quite sorry for the ills that are about to be visited on them.

But, it’s not personal, it’s business. Terrorism happens, we’re Brits, we know this. It’s terrible when it happens, but it’s expected. Comes with the territory and we’re quite used to it and we’re a sporting bunch. Congratulations IS, well done, didn’t see that coming and it was an innovative tactic, extremely well played, sir. Knocked us for six.

Now it’s our turn.


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