The mens.

Bullshit. Sorry. Bullshit.

“When I’m in class, I’ll wish I was playing World of Warcraft. When I’m with a girl, I’ll wish I was watching pornography, because I’ll never get rejected.” – Random Test Monkey.

Just about the only intelligent thing Zimbardo says is that the media is full of negative images of men. There’s this moral panic at the moment around the fact that guys suddenly just aren’t interested in getting laid and of course no one really focuses on what these guys are saying because the point of the exercise isn’t to solve the problem; the point of the exercise is to shame men back into their traditional role of providing for women.

So if a teenager says, “When I’m with a girl, I’ll wish I was watching pornography, because I’ll never get rejected” the narrative that’s spun is, “I wish I was watching pornography I prefer it to sex, I hate women.” whereas the guy is quite clear that he’d happily jump her bones, but he reckons he’s got no chance and is just going to get shot down and probably socially humiliated. The guy has done an analysis of cost/benefit and decided to go watch some porn. No one’s sat him down and asked what his reasoning is. This whole thing shows that society really isn’t all that good at listening to men; everything is done from a female perspective:These male teenagers don’t want us, they’re defective! Porn and gaming is ruining them!

So it is with this bullshit. I look at it this way: without culture to even things out men have about a 40% chance of reproducing so if there is a culture where women can sleep with whoever they want then about 60% of males will die a virgin. Well, we in the West have just such a culture thanks to feminism and now we’re uncomfortable with it. We don’t know what to do with the 60% of males who know that women don’t want them and so have no need to do anything but sit in their mum’s basement, play games and watch porn. Rather than being honest and saying, “Yeah, well, these guys are having a perfectly rational reaction to the situation they find themselves in, how about we just leave them alone” society says to them, “Why are you not being attractive to women? What treatments for your condition can we develop?”

The thing is that this issue, I’m not going to call it a problem because I don’t see it as such, this issue isn’t caused by the men, I wouldn’t even blame women. This is just the result of women being allowed to choose their sexual partners, as are all the eating disorders etc, etc because now there are 100% of women competing for 20% of men.

Data from American colleges show 20 per cent of males – the most attractive ones – get 80 per cent of the sex, according to an analysis by Susan Walsh, a former management consultant who wrote about the issue on her dating website,

Women have got themselves into a sexual arms race with each other where the young, slim, attractive women hold all the cards and feminists are trying to correct this by convincing men that their sexuality is a social construct via things like the fat acceptance movement. Rather than just admit this, they blame porn and gaming. Mind you I suspect that they don’t have the intellect to understand what’s going on.


Labour Leadership Election.

The curious thing about Jeremy Corbyn is that if he were an indigenous Australian circa 1770 he would have attempted to stop colonialism with dialogue and the dialogue would have been, “You are really nasty, can’t we find a better way?” “We are really nasty, we have guns, you don’t, there’s another fifty migrant ships behind us, why do we care what you say?” *bang*.

He thinks that all the world’s evils stem from the fact that no one ever just went and talked with the people doing the evil, not that, actually, there’s quite a lot to be gained by using violence and the only way to stop some people is by deterrence.

Actually, if there had been an indigenous Australian Corbyn he was probably like, “Oh, brilliant! Yes, as many of you Brits come here as you like, now nobody say anything that might upset these Brits and remember, if they shoot you, it’s because you were being offensive, everyone check your aboriginal privilege and remember to ask what their prefered pronouns are.” He was waxing lyrical about diversity and multiculturalism and all the benefits of immigration and busy denouncing anyone who disagreed with him as a racist.


Positive news: I bought a huge mug which the price label said was £4 but actually turned out to cost £1.50. So now I have a huge mug to drink my tea from and you have no idea how natural it feels.

Negative news: I appear to have woken up outrageously horny. The kind of horny that only mania can bring on. It is not pleasant. In fact I am quite grumpy and the only thing that is working to mitigate that is that I have a fucking huge mug of Earl Grey tea.if I had nothing better to do I’d probably spend all day trying to get sex or watching porn. As it is I actually have to leave the house today and you have no idea how much this infuriates me.


Hypomanic crap.

I’m aware of a great disparity between reality and how I feel. I’m also aware of being energetic and pensive at the same time.

Kisses: I’ve noticed this for a while. I message a woman and there are no kisses. Then maybe there’s one kiss and then four messages down the line maybe two and occasionally, a few messages later, even three. Now, I’m a genius not a………something……..clearly this is some form of communication which I’m obviously meant to understand, but I just don’t. I have no clue. Is three the point that I should be suggesting that we hook up?

Also I have finished Dune and have moved onto The Forever War which looks like a night’s reading. I’m not massively enjoying it at the moment. It’s okay I suppose. There’s an awful lot of group sex the purpose of which I’m not really sure of in a literary context. Don’t get me wrong, I am very much in favor of group sex, and love female sexuality, but I don’t see how it adds to the story and it’s not even that well done or all that graphic so you can’t even enjoy it as porn. “The orgy that night was……” great. Why do I care? If it was like, “Rogers got gangbanged by half the platoon” now we’re getting somewhere, not least because now at least Rogers now has something added to her as a character, we’d know that this is a woman that likes gangbangs. Admittedly this advances the plot not in the slightest, nor really adds useful depth to the character, but if you’re going to mention that there was group sex you may as well make use of it in some way.

I’ve just been watching How to get a Council House on the bleeding heart lefty channel  Channel 4. Why I inflicted this upon myself I do not know except that it confirms an opinion I’ve held for a while: that London could benefit from the detonation of a 10 megaton thermonuclear device at approximately 15,000ft above the densest concentration of hipsters.

Apparently we’re having an Oktoberfest here. i related this fact to S who retorted that this is “an entirely retarded idea, why don’t you just get on a plane and come here for the real thing?” which after deep thought and careful analysis I realise is a much more sensible idea. Also dirndls……..It’s worth it just to see her in a dirndl….

F-35 and situational awareness.

I’m getting restless. I have this thing where periodically I have to go climb a mountain or do something dangerous just for the sake of it being dangerous and I can feel it creeping up on me. I think I need to get back into paintball.

I was reading one of those articles about a clean F-35 being defeated in a dogfight with a combat loaded F-16 and a lot of the F-35 guys were talking about how the sensors of the F-35 allow for better situational awareness and this has totally changed the nature of air warfare. There was one article I read by an ex-Tornado pilot and he was saying how in the Tornado half of the challenge of combat flying is trying to build a mental picture from visual, RWR, radar, radio communications etc into a single integrated picture of what is going on around you.

This struck me as something quite obvious just from playing flight sims. If you play a flight sim where you’re flying something ancient half the time you’re screaming “What’s shooting at me!?” to your wingman, who has no clue either. Then fast forward to EF2000 and suddenly you have DAS integrated onto a moving map and you know where everything is. You might have just taken off from Oslo Gardermoen, but you know what the air situation is like over your target three-hundred miles away and where SAMs are because you have information from AWACS and JTIDS. In Jane’s F-15 this is information that you constantly have to ask for and then mentally compile information from all the other systems to try and get some idea of what’s going on around you. Even in Falcon 4.0 this is the case, you’re constantly on the radio trying to piece together a picture of the battle.

DAS changes all this. In EF2000 I run solo missions to hit the two bridges at the top of Norway to cut Russian supply lines and I do it with radar and ECM switched off and I fly at ultra low level, just depending on DAS for a picture of what’s going on around me. I can see Russian CAP and decide long before I come into radar range what action I’m going to take or I can see where SAM sites are and decide how I’m going to navigate to avoid them rather than, as in an F-16 or a Phantom or F-15 finding out there’s a SAM site when it paints me with it’s radar.

If you’re getting into dogfights in a 4.5 or 5th generation fighter and you don’t have overwhelming superiority of position going into the fight or overwhelming numbers then you’re doing something wrong. Having that information gives you tactical options that other aircraft just don’t have. You can decide when and where to fight. You can decide that the enemy is superior and avoid them if you want and that’s what makes aircraft like F-35 the future of air warfare.

It’s like paintball: the team that wins is the team that is most situationally aware. It’s the team that is communicating the best, the team that’s careful in its movements, the team that uses discretion and fights only on its own terms and doesn’t mind running away from a fight when it doesn’t start from a position of dominance. The team that wins is not the team that’s awesome in firefights but has no fieldcraft and doesn’t constantly seek information on the state of battlespace. My squad are awesome at this, we want to know everything. Where were you in a fire fight last? Who is playing today? Have you noticed any concentrations of the other teams players? What’s the next mission coming up? What are the best approach routes to the target? All these things let you know where the other team is likely to be and so how you can engage them on your own terms, which are terms of total superiority.


I raided CeX again and picked up Interstellar for £7 and the whole Dollars trilogy for £5 so I’m quite pleased. As a geeky point I acknowledge that For a Fistful of Dollars is a rip off of Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo because Kurosawa happens to be one of my favorite filmmakers. In the past six months my film collection is really starting to look decent; I feel like I’m starting to nest in here or something. In that vein In Search of the Trojan War arrived today. Considering it was printed in 1985 it’s in very, very good condition and it’s a beautiful book; I’m very pleased with it.

Other than that I’m really tired and actually being bugged for sex, I say bugged; I’m having this experience where a female friend is like “But you’re man……’re always horny!” This happens occasionally and I tend to find that it turns nasty if I don’t cut the conversation short.  Somewhat, hypocritically, Q, as she shall henceforth be known, is playing on my mind. Not in a deep way but I’m in lust with her; I’m curious about her. She seems like an interesting and happy kind of a person and more importantly she seems to have intelligence and intellect. It feels daft to even mention it on my blog, which is often the repository of my daftness, but there it is. It’s like: Chances of anything happening: 0.0000000000001% but it makes for some interesting thinking. I suppose it’s another of my bipolar flights of fancy.

Who knows.


My brain is swinging between, “Let’s do stupid shit!” and “Let’s go somewhere remote, and peaceful and read”.  I’m fidgety, a tad hypersexual, and yet pensive. That word again.  Can you say mixed episode? I think when Sensei comes back from holiday I’m going to have to get back into training properly because I need the exercise to help stabilise me. I might look at getting back into paintball competitions too for the same reason. Six to eight hours of running around being nasty to people has a way of clearing the system.

My book hasn’t arrived. The fact that it isn’t due to arrive until Saturday at the earliest is irrelevant, I feel, it still displeases me greatly. Patience is not something that I have in abundance when mania/hypomania/whatever is about. In other book related news I’m slowly getting through Dune and loving it. It’s a book I should be able to read through in a day though. Meh.