Hypomanic crap.

I’m aware of a great disparity between reality and how I feel. I’m also aware of being energetic and pensive at the same time.

Kisses: I’ve noticed this for a while. I message a woman and there are no kisses. Then maybe there’s one kiss and then four messages down the line maybe two and occasionally, a few messages later, even three. Now, I’m a genius not a………something……..clearly this is some form of communication which I’m obviously meant to understand, but I just don’t. I have no clue. Is three the point that I should be suggesting that we hook up?

Also I have finished Dune and have moved onto The Forever War which looks like a night’s reading. I’m not massively enjoying it at the moment. It’s okay I suppose. There’s an awful lot of group sex the purpose of which I’m not really sure of in a literary context. Don’t get me wrong, I am very much in favor of group sex, and love female sexuality, but I don’t see how it adds to the story and it’s not even that well done or all that graphic so you can’t even enjoy it as porn. “The orgy that night was……” great. Why do I care? If it was like, “Rogers got gangbanged by half the platoon” now we’re getting somewhere, not least because now at least Rogers now has something added to her as a character, we’d know that this is a woman that likes gangbangs. Admittedly this advances the plot not in the slightest, nor really adds useful depth to the character, but if you’re going to mention that there was group sex you may as well make use of it in some way.

I’ve just been watching How to get a Council House on the bleeding heart lefty channel  Channel 4. Why I inflicted this upon myself I do not know except that it confirms an opinion I’ve held for a while: that London could benefit from the detonation of a 10 megaton thermonuclear device at approximately 15,000ft above the densest concentration of hipsters.

Apparently we’re having an Oktoberfest here. i related this fact to S who retorted that this is “an entirely retarded idea, why don’t you just get on a plane and come here for the real thing?” which after deep thought and careful analysis I realise is a much more sensible idea. Also dirndls……..It’s worth it just to see her in a dirndl….


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