Books and steak.

I feel like shit.

I say I feel like shit; I’m exhausted and pensive. That word. A good night’s sleep will sort me out.

Also the universe wants me to read The Secret HistoryFirst I saw it over at Maja’s blog and I made a mental note of it for when I’ve cleared the current pile of books I’m reading, more of which later. The S was like “I’m reading this really good book, it’s got lots of classical stuff in it I think you’d like it” and I’m thinking, “Why do I think I know what this book is?” and sure enough, it’s The Secret History. Then two other people mentioned it to me, I forget who, I think I was drunk at the time, anywho.Then today I was out doing a bit of shopping before meeting C for lunch and I bumped into a friend, and there’s the usual conversation, “What are you reading now?” so I took out the brick as I’ve taken to calling it and she pulls out…..yeah……The Secret History. 

So I’m like: What’s the statistical probability of this happening? I actually contemplated going to Waterstone’s and buying it but I don’t really want to make the pile of books one book higher just yet. Also Amazon have a three for £10 deal on which might be useful, I might get a couple more le Carre novels or something.

The Brick. THE BRICK! I haven’t finished reading the introduction yet. If the introduction was normal sized type it would be the size of the average novel. It’s a book on the book, which is awesome. I love, LOVE, the introductions to Penguin classics books; they’re often more interesting than the actual book and they’re really good for picking up vocabulary. I don’t know if I want to read it all the way though or do as many people suggest and keep it by my bed and read an essay a night.

Also tomorrow is steak night; every Saturday in this house is steak night and I cook the steak and awesome at it. This is an almost irrelevant fact which serves only to give a superficial rationale for what really was an impulse buy. The steak has already been bought but after lunch in the bistro, where I had the steak burger, we went to M&S so that C could buy some bits and pieces. I don’t usually go in M&S but we were wandering around and I noticed steak and out of curiousity I had a look and there was some ribeye there for £12 and I was tempted and ribeye is my favorite cut but it was so thin that I couldn’t imagine being able to cook it properly. Then C, a vegetarian of all things, points to this sirloin and says, “What about the sirloin?”. Now, sirloin is okay. I’ve had some really amazing sirloin and I’ve had some dire sirloin, it’s not my first choice, isn’t even my second, but this piece was a good size, like 450g, which is what, 16oz? and it was £10 but more than that it just looked like a beautiful piece of meat. It’s like, it’s like a brick and I can imagine just how juicy it’s going to be.

I remarked that the packaging said something about pan searing it for 18 minutes or something and I said “I’d debate that” and C is like “You don’t cook it, you just warm it up a bit” which is not quite true. In my book anyone who eats steak more than rare is……….I have no words for the outrage this causes in me. I have it bleu. Pretty much just wipe it’s arse and I’m happy. This one I think I’ll cook for maybe a minute or so on each side, just to sear it and warm it up a bit. There’s no hygiene reason for cooking it all the way though so any additional cooking is just reducing the flavour and juiciness of it.

I can’t wait. Not being funny but steak is better than antidepressants. There is no better food; okay chinese is good, really good but, I’m salivating just thinking of it, the lovely juicy meatiness of a perfectly cooked, or uncooked depending on how you look at it, steak. It melts in your mouth and the flavour is divine.

So hungry.


2 thoughts on “Books and steak.

  1. Chinese is the best antidote to everything as far as I’m concerned. I’m veggie to but cook a mean steak – wish I wanted to eat it. A slice of carpaccio, sure, but at the Chinese it’s spring rolls then crispy tofu with garlic and chilli all the way. Sorry about pensive by the way, here’s a new one for you: contemplative.

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