I think the more I cut dead weight out of my life and the more time I get to spend on my own the happier I am. I’ve always had an insular streak in me and I feel that it’s really coming out at the moment.

I’m contemplating a new project of sorts. We have a garage at the bottom of the garden and at the moment it’s just used to store rubbish but I’ve been thinking for a while now that it’d make a good study with a bit of work. It needs a new roof for a start as the one it has now is asbestos and there’s a slight gap between the top of the wall and the roof itself, which is fine for a garage but liable to be cold and drafty for a study.

Initially I thought that it would be a good idea to put a glass roof on but now I’m inclined to think that a well insulated felt roof with a skylight might be just as good. Then I’m thinking that it’d be best to brick the garage doors up. The two windows at the front I’m not sure about; they’re nice windows and I like them but I think maybe some double/triple glazed ones would make the place more comfortable along with a new door. For heating I’d put in a wood burner; that should throw out a lot of heat and also it’d give a nice comforting glow. For power I’m thinking a solar panel, maybe a little wind turbine, and a battery type affair since I’m only planning to run a couple of light bulbs and maybe a laptop.

Then finally it just needs plastering and decorating. I’m thinking that I’d put a set of curtains over the bricked up doors to give the sense that there’s a window behind them, and also make the place a bit more comfortable feeling. I’d paint it a warm red and carpet it. Also I want a persian rug. I like the idea that I could grab a couple of cushions and lounge in front of the wood burner on my rug with a book on a cold winter’s night.

Knowing my luck though, the police helicopter will see a gigantic heat bloom on it’s thermal imaging camera, conclude that a huge amount of ganja is being grown therein and yours truly will get raided.


3 thoughts on “Project.

  1. Sounds exciting… what would also help you with the heating bills down the line is if you put insulated panels inside on the walls… they come with the foil on the side that goes against the wall (so not letting damp in) and plastered on the other side… possibly… so you could paint over that…
    Those home diy projects are fun though! best of luck with your project! 🙂

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