Saturday night is steak night in our house and I always ponder vegetarianism and veganism as I’m cooking and they both seem a bit unthought out. Both hinge on the idea that they improve animal welfare which I find to be spurious. I think of deer in Scotland or the reintroduced bison in Yellowstone because what happens to herbivores without predators is that they eat, multiply, eat, multiply and eat until they cause an ecological disaster and starve to death. There ends up being one of two solutions to this: Either you can charge people to shoot them and then their meat ends up in the food chain, or you reintroduce wolves to eat them.

So either way the animal gets eaten; the only two questions are how it dies and who gets to eat it. Personally I’d rather see it killed in an abattoir than ripped apart by a pack of wolves and if it’s a choice between the wolf getting a steak and me getting a steak, then I’m sorry Mr Wolf, it’s my fucking steak.

Sure I suppose you can avoid eating meat for health reasons, but ethically I don’t see that it holds up. Nature sees herbivores as someone’s dinner and will work towards that end no matter what humans decide is ethical.


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