If I said that there was a group of people I didn’t like, most people would be fine with it; everyone has some group that they don’t like. If I said that I didn’t like this group because, after being around them for some time, I didn’t like their attitude to women. They keep staring at my female friends which makes my friends uncomfortable, they treat them like meat, they’re quite aggressive when they don’t get their own way and generally what they say about women appalls me, I’d probably have grown a little in popularity, most people would see me as a good person. If I said that I further dislike this group because, after being around them for some time, I noticed that their views on homosexuality are fundamentally opposed to my libertarian views, probably people are imagining me as a liberal, right on, sort of guy.

Then if I said that this group are that kind of people who just don’t know how to behave in polite society, they’re kind of illiberal, they won’t even discuss other people’s viewpoints, everything with them is their way or the highway and if they don’t like something then they’re apt to get violent or shout things down, most people would say that there’s nothing wrong with me not liking them for it. Yeah, there are a few members from the group who are a bit different and are alright, but you couldn’t invite them to a party because they’d bring all their friends and wreck it. Most people would be sympathetic I think; we all know someone who’s friends we’d rather not be around.

Then if I say seeing one dead toddler washed up on a beach doesn’t change my perception of the group as a whole suddenly we’re in a shit storm.

Occasionally I find some diversity nut and I say something to them like, “What do you think of people who have different opinion about women than your own?” and I have yet to get a straight answer because invariably people who prattle on about the wondrousness of diversity don’t actually consider what diversity means in practice. They wouldn’t sit at the same table with a bunch of people who thought that women shouldn’t be educated, shouldn’t have jobs, shouldn’t leave the house unless necessary and should be covered up if they do…………but that’s what it means to have an opinion which is diverse from the mainstream Western view.

Diversity means you accept people with rather abhorrent views simply because those views are different from your own. There’s a diversity of opinion on the Holocaust: there’s the right one and there’s the abhorrent one. There’s a diversity of opinion on homosexuality: there’s the accepting, tolerant rational one, and there’s homophobia. There’s a diversity of opinion of FGM…………I could go on. I think in Europe we’ve pretty much come to the rationally correct position on everything, more or less, we don’t need an injection of people from another culture to enrich us and help us progress. Frankly I don’t seem Islam, Arabs, or muslims in general as models of progress.

So, okay, yes, I welled up when I saw that photo: I don’t think that tragedy or the wider refugee crisis makes allowing millions of muslims into Europe a good idea on a long term basis. What I see is that the more immigration we have the more authoritarian our society becomes as we adapt ourselves to a culture which is vastly more conservative than ours in order to keep the peace and the more muslims arrive the more conservative we’re going to have to become. The irony of all this is that far from being more integrated the younger members of the muslim community in the UK are going to Syria because they hate the west!


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