On Bureaucrats.

This is what I hate about petty bureaucrats: They know that they essentially are complete losers, but they have modicum of power and this saves them, this validates them as human beings. They may never even reach the middle level of the bureaucracy, they may never amount to anything much in life and they know that they don’t even aspire to it. I can imagine that sometimes when they’ve had a few drinks they sit there and think, “If only I had some ambition I could have done a lot more in life”. Then you come along and they have this power over you; it’s not a lot, but it’s something they have that you don’t and they make full use of it, not for any practical purpose, not because it benefits the organisation or you or really even them in any meaningful way, it’s just so that they can go home and look in the mirror and say, “At least I’m one rung up the ladder from that guy”.


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