Blah – the sequel.

Ugh. So tired. Ancient Greek was good except that the class is too small and so it’ll cost us all more. Bah. Other than that I had fun and since I can read the Greek alphabet I did okay. The one issue I do have is that she seems convinced that using three pronunciation systems, ancient, modern and Erasmus’ is the way to go which I find confusing. Words which I find recognisable with Erasmus’ pronunciation are totally unrecognisable in the modern and ancient. I wouldn’t actually mind using the ancient pronunciation if it was consistently stuck to throughout the course.

Then I rushed off to training and ended up bleeding all over the mat. I’m thinking about doing a course on Sunday. I feel like I should be getting as much training in as much as possible. Plus it helps manage my bipolar disorder. I can feel it when I walk out of the dojo, I’m relaxed, calm, I generally feel a lot better than when I walk in. It’s important for me to train, especially during the autumn and winter. There are days I wish that we had a seven am class. This would be a problem in that getting up during the winter is a fucking battle for me most of the time but if I could get to class and train it would help set me up for the rest of the day.

I can feel it now actually: waking up feeling exhausted, having no energy. It wears off after a while but over the weeks I feel it taking longer and longer to wear off and getting out of bed becomes more of a struggle.


One thought on “Blah – the sequel.

  1. Crazy how exercise affects physiology so radically, isn’t it. I feel great after I jump around the living room doing a daft exercise DVD. Even better after a game of badminton with a worthy opponent. In fact, I’d play badminton every single day if I had a decent opponent. I love walking too, but it doesn’t quite give you the same buzz…

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