So curry didn’t happen. We had one of those, “Do we really want curry?” moments and then it was, “Well where else is there?” If you want curry around here there’s literally about twenty places to choose from, one Chinese place and an italian. The Italian has been there a few months and we’ve thought about going in but always worried that it might be a bit pricey. Long story short the Italian is a bit pricey, not massively so but for where it is and what it is I think they’re punching a little above their weight.

That said the food was excellent, the wine was also good, the garlic bread………..C liked it and thought it was really good. My opinion of garlic bread is that it should melt your face off and if it doesn’t then it’s crap, so I thought it was crap. I had the spag bol since it was the only thing on the menu that grabbed me and I loved it.


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