So, as a meglomaniac, I am naturally pleased to be head of nonfiction. I am also the entire nonfiction department though, so, you know……..not much power, no minions. Yet. Still, baby steps, right? Anywho because reasons science fiction is regarded as being nonfiction, get your head around that one if you can. Naturally I am over the moon at this, or at least I will be once I get organised.

The problem at the moment is that the nonfiction section looks like the nonfiction section of a charity shop……….which it is……..and the stock room looks like my bedroom………which it isn’t. So the next time I’m in I’m going to rip everything off the shelves in the stockroom, label the fuck out of the shelves and put everything in it’s proper place. I suspect that this will take some time.  After that is sorted I intend to rip everything off the shelves upstairs, bin/pass on to other shops any shit books, and make sure that everything on the shelves is good. I want less stock on the shelves, but better stock and more space taken up with front facing books that people might actually want to buy.

Then I’m going to establish a science fiction section; we haven’t even got the shelf label yet, we have to send off to somewhere or other to get one. Hopefully that arrives sharpish. The next problem is that we don’t really have any scifi books to speak of, although we do have, I estimate, about a thousand books all bagged up in a heap in one of the pens, so hopefully I can scrape up something.

I estimate that this will take approximately two weeks, unless I decide to come in off my own bat and do it all, which I might do. I think the problem is that the place has been understaffed. I say this but there are plenty of staff there, it’s just that books, which along with CDs are the major sellers, are regarded as some kind of arcane thing which only certain people can deal with. The manager’s eyes practically popped out when I said that I read nonfiction.  This suits me.

I’m just fed up of looking at the biographies section and seeing the ghost written “autobiographies” of Z list celebs and then there’s the “true life” section which is basically the, “I survived child abuse and now I will recount my tale in exceedingly graphic detail” section. To be fair these books have a use, and a function, and a value, but it’s fueling the central heating system, not clogging up my nonfiction section with tat.



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