I’m actually really proud of the UK at the moment. Whereas American universities seems to have rolled over and submitted to left wing crazies here they get challenged. First there was the Tim Hunt thing, and okay he lost his job but top academics panned UCL for it and then there was the Maryam Namazie hoohah where she got banned incase she offended muslims. Then Warwick uni got slammed by top academics and they announced that they’d made a mistake. Then Bahar Mustafa got arrested for hate speech after tweeting “killallwhitemen”. As if that wasn’t enough two guys have publically told consent courses that they are not rapists and they can shove their rape culture bullshit up their arse the same week that it turns out that a gay rights activist from Oxford uni admits that she’s a rapist. Sorry, not a rapist, she just has sex with people without their consent, which is only rape if a man does it.

I love that there’s actually a fight back against the cultural marxists that are trying to do to our universities what they’ve done in America. Although to be fair the lunacy is well embedded with the NUS but at least the NUS is getting hammered when it does stupid stuff.

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