I’m blue de – whatever the fuck the tune is.

I am beyond chuffed! So I bought a blu-ray player and today I came home and dad had bought me some ridiculous 48+ inch smart TV. Naturally this was immediately put into operation and I am now watching Prometheus and it is awesome! I rule! Just the sheer size of the TV in my room is amazing and it’s great that I can now lay in bed and watch films.

Also I was in the second hand shop raiding it for blu-rays and it’s so funny. This is such a middle class area so we have these really middle class rockers with the purple hair and the full sleeve tattoos, only the hair has obviously been done in some expensive hair salon, the nails are professionally done, you can see that these aren’t your normal rockers who are barely scraping a living in some minimum wage job. They’re proper “Daddy, I need £150 for my hair” girls. They have a job so that their parents will give them money……….which is actually a bit like me now that I think on it. I am, it has to be said, a bit of a spoiled brat, this is why I have a brand new smart TV in my room because nothing.

I find it so interesting to see these class differences: I can look at someone and know immediately whether they’re from here or not. Height, for instance.  Middle class women are taller than working class women, they’re more relaxed, more confident, they look at you as if you’re some bug under a microscope, there’s a detachment there. Style gives class away too: the basic fashion is the same but somehow the middle class women pull it off in a more subdued, more classy style, the working class women are the ones that seem to be trying just a little too hard, a little to eager to be noticed.

Meh, I need sleep.


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