The complications of my life.

So India won the fight. We were talking all night about how nervous her opponent looked and then she came out swinging like a lunatic and there was a moment were things were a bit touch and go. India hung in there though and just kept hitting her. Then in the second round it was obvious that the other girl was out of steam, she was just clinging onto India and India was just raining in body shots by the dozen, literally. Round two ended with the other girl on the ropes and India just laying into her like a mad thing. Then round three basically went straight back to the ropes with India again just raining punches on her with no response, and then the towel got thrown in and it was all over.

I actually see her in a new light, I really like how tough she is. Before her fight we were standing watching another bout and she was practically shaking with aggression, she just wanted to get in there and fight and, okay, I want to fuck her, the sexual tension between us is a known, out in the open, quantifiable thing, but last night seeing her so fired up……yeah I was getting pretty fired up myself. I love her spirit. I’ve seen her take a pounding and then give one back and I want to give her a pounding of my own albeit of a different kind.

Then there’s Dakota, I can’t say that I don;t think about her a lot, because I do. I think she’s actually coming  home for Halloween but I doubt I’ll see her, I’m trying to, I don’t know what I’m trying to do. Semi get over her, semi hoping that she’ll miss my attention. Something. What do I want? I want to cuddle up to her on a bed strewn with rose petals, lit and surrounded by a multitude of scented candles. I want to tell her everything while I gaze into her eyes and then make the slowest, gentlest, most sensual and passionate love to her.

Or I want to fuck her like an animal while her face is buried between India’s legs……….one of the two.

I think I’ve actually been feeling lonely. It’s a weird thing for me; I’m like Thorpin in Eric the Viking  when he feels fear for the first time and he doesn’t know what it is and the coward of the group has to explain it to him. That’s me with loneliness.


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