Tres interessant.

Okay. So my cousin has a farmhouse in Cumbria and I’ve stayed there before house sitting. Now she’s looking for someone to house sit over Christmas. This is not all that interesting. What’s interesting is that post fight India is out drinking and tonight she joined Jboy and me for Tuesday Night Drinking sans bra. I could practically see her nipples through her top and little was left to the imagination about the contours of her breasts. This is only moderately interesting though. What’s very interesting is that I told everyone about possibly house sitting at my cousin’s place and India wants to come and spend a couple of days with me. What’s possibly more interesting than that is that, as I write, she wants to meet up later this week so that I can lend her The Martian and Interstellar. She already has a copy of The Martian but claims to have lost it.

*raises eyebrow*

Perhaps it’s all unrelated, but my gut tells me otherwise.  CC thinks I’m an idiot and the obvious interpretation is the correct one.

We’ll see.


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