I’m always a bit sceptical about women. I’ve learned to hold back and wait. On closer reflection I’m really unconvinced about the India situation. The braless thing, well she’s done that before, her bust is such that she can get away with it. She cancelled lunch today – which I was expecting because she often does this. Apparently we’re meeting up on Sunday instead, we’ll see if that happens. Coming to my cousins with me, again, we’ll see what gets said on Sunday, if Sunday happens.

I’m sorta mulling over why she doesn’t just buy another copy of The Martian. I told C about this and she’s said something about having something that the man owns. S said something similar and also another female friend has just flagged it up as being curious. It’s that whole wearing his shirts/hoody/whatever thing. That thing where if you walk into a strip club wearing a hat there is a 100% likelihood that the first thing the stripper will do is take the hat off of your head and put in on hers. I’m sceptical of this interpretation but if I had lost a book I’d just buy a new one and the fact that she hasn’t makes me wonder. I also wonder if it’s just a pretext for a meet up. I could bring the book and the movie to Tuesday Night Drinking but she wants to meet up outside of Tuesday Night Drinking which is interesting.

So, I don’t know. I hate the whole wait and see nonsense.


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