Also there is the classic problem that women seldom have anything to say for themselves on dating sites.  They’re single because they’re boring. I’m here looking at blank profiles or profiles which have some cursory sentence about asking them anything and I’m like “bored”.

Also I don’t understand why women who are flat chested wear those dresses that show off the chest; it’s just like yelling “Hey, look! I have no boobs!” Of course the obligatory link to instagram………….

This is just reminding me why I don’t date: Finding women that intellectually engage me is really hard. Bearing in mind that a high proportion of my female friends have PhDs and are academics and they ask me questions. “Don’t get me started on Foucault” is a common thing in my life. Discussions about theory that people with mere bachelor degrees would be utterly lost in are what I do literally before breakfast sometimes. I’ve been there at 8am, C the other side of the table, waiting for my breakfast to arrive discussing how wanky (technical term) a certain paper that she’s found is or sat there sipping orange juice while S rustles something up while still in a dressing gown railing about the idiocy of certain methodological approaches, this is my life, it’s normal for me.

So the average woman, for me, is utterly unengaging on an intellectual level. It’s like “Do you have a PhD? No? Then what possibly could we talk about?”.

Right, I need hot chocolate and to finish off the chapter of In the Shadow of the Sword what I is reading.


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