“Of course you don’t have bipolar disorder, you’re a moron!” S

I am literally bopping like a mad thing.

Watchy watchy watchy! You see the little eyebrow raise at 0:21, that is so S. I do it too. I don’t know if I got it off her or she off me or if we just developed it independently but it’s so this “emphatic yes”/”This shit is fucked up and I love it”. I love how expressive S can be and I love that we can mimic each other so perfectly. I’m quiet expressive to at times, people think that maybe I’m gay because of it but actually it’s because I’m so fucking alpha male that I don’t care. When you see me and S together though we’re there, we both talk really fast, rattling off a ten minute conversation in three minutes flat, with massively expressive body language.

I totes love the rapport. We’re there bopping away as if it’s a life or death situation and we’re the most amazing dancers on earth and then our eyes meet and there’s this eyebrow raise of “The fuck is going on?/The fuck are we doing?” and we carry on bobbing away.

I wish S was here. I want to snuggle up to her and watch anime while she strokes my body and soothes my soul.


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