Fuck off.

I think I just feel numb over the Paris attacks. I’d say “I’m bored of it all” but it’s not true, I’m exhausted by it all. I’m fed up of how before the bodies have even gone cold it’s, “not all Muslims” “this isn’t a reason not to accept more refugees”, I’m fed up of how every time a Muslim kills someone they’re not a “real” Muslim and how what seems to be important about the event is not that innocent people have died but that Muslims should be protected from us evil white people who might feel the need to rough up Mr Khan who runs the newsagents. That sycophantic obsequiousness that seems to have seeped into Western society where we can’t just be outraged that our people have died. Yes, our people, people from our culture.

We get attacked, our civilisation gets attacked, our values get attacked and somehow the conversation always ends up with us talking about why it isn’t anything to do with Islam. We’re conditioned to start repeating Islamic apologia the moment the bomb goes off, we’re almost psychologically colonised by it. We see dead westerners in the street and we automatically parrot Islamic talking points. There are people still laying in hospital, potentially some of them might still die of their injuries and already the conversation is about safe guarding Muslims………..what the fuck is up with that?


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