Busy, busy, busy.

I’m so tired; had a busy day. C had an interview and C has no sense of direction so I ended up sitting in a campus coffee shop after a longish drive surrounded by students…….nobody say it……I may be a card carrying member of the NUS but call me a student and I’ll murder you. I hate students.

So I ordered my double espresso and sat down to crack on with In the Shadow of the Sword. I was only there for about half an hour and then we headed off for a cheap lunch at a chinese restaurant. Thence we went to Waterstones which has been refurbished and looks……..Swedish…..I like the new look. Also I noticed a rather gorgeous young woman working in the coffee shop, nice tattoos, brunette, slim but curvy, might call in for another coffee next week.

Also I picked up Snow Crash  which Jboy mentioned to me looked interesting, I nearly also bought Ringworld but unread books are piling up; admittedly they’re all John le Carré who seems to be my favorite author and they’ll get read as and when.

Has science fiction suddenly become fashionable or something? Both the main bookshops in town have recently massively expanded their range which seems curious. Not that I’m complaining, science fiction has been a big thing for me this year and I like science fiction generally.

Meh, I’m tired. I miss S, especially since she’s just dyed her hair electric blue again because she’s unseasonally manic. I like her when she’s manic, she’s the only person who talks as fast as I do and I don’t have to repeat myself to in that “Wehaven’tbeentothedeliinawhile.Let’sgothereforlunch” “What?” We. Haven’t. Been. To. The. De-li. In. A. While……Let’s. Go. There. For. Lunch.” kinda way.  I want snuggles. I want a log fire, a big sofa, an S and one of those tartan blankets.

Right, toast and bed time.



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