Life update.

I’m kinda wondering why I am not plunging into seasonal depression. True, I am more tired and I sleep more, but I’m chipper and upbeat, my self esteem is pretty solid, I’m not beating myself up for anything. I’m doing just fine.

I’m kinda pining a lot for Dakota, I can’t wait to see her. I hate the soft sappery that she provokes in me. I hate that this started the moment I saw her. Someone could ask me when I realised that I wanted her in my life and the honest to God answer would be, “About ten seconds after I first laid eyes on her”. I hate that what I want most is to take her to my cousin’s place over Christmas, cook for her, run baths with smelly stuff and scented candles, wake up every morning with her in my arms and spend all day just talking about everything. I want to hear that sigh she makes when I hold her and stroke her back.






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