I’ve noticed this thing. It’s partly amusing, partly annoying, partly gratifying. So I was coming home from creating chaos from order and the train was late so I sat in the waiting room and got my book out. In comes a woman; I know this because I saw the boots, I didn’t even bother looking up.

She sits opposite me across the room. I carry on reading. I’m reading Snow Crash  and I’m engrossed in it but I can feel myself being looked at but I ignore it. It’s announced that the train is even more late, of course it is, it’s the UK, no train has ever been on time in the UK. The feeling of being looked at continues and it’s getting irritating, so I glance up right into the eyes of this brunette as she brushes her hair back with a little bit of a head toss. I do my usual thing, count 1,2,3, keeping the eye contact, no expression, then I go back to my book.

The nagging feeling of being looked at doesn’t go away though, so I look up again and sure enough she’s staring at me.

The general observation, though, is that this is to do with books. This usually only happens if I’m reading a book somewhere in public. If I’m in a coffee shop reading my book sooner or later some woman will stare at me and it’s that long challenging stare which is actually a bit creepy.





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