This is where we are.



Also I bought The European Miracle: Environments and Geopolitics in the History of Europe and Asia   for £2 which saved me £20. In similar news I managed to pick up Icarus Fallen  for about £2 also and that arrived yesterday all the way from Tulsa County Library. Obviously the good citizens of Tulsa have no interest in such books because it’s in pristine condition. I think basically I’m slowly denuding America of every intelligent book they have given the number of books on geopolitics, or history or economics, or whatever the hell, that I buy from America. I suspect their cheapness reflects high supply and low demand. 

I’ve nearly finished In the Shadow of the Sword  which I’ve enjoyed, but the Channel Four documentary led me to believe that it would be a meatier critique of Islamic historiography. Unless the last chapter is beefier basically it just points out that there aren’t any real historical sources for the first two centuries of Islam and the historical sources we do have combined with clues in the Qur’an indicate that it was written in Petra rather than Mecca. In fact there is no mention anywhere of Mecca until two centuries after the death of Muhammed. 

So I’ll finish that and then finish off Snow Crash. Got some eclectic reading going on as usual. I was talking to S about it and I got the usual reminder that dictator’s bookshelves are often packed full of high brow non-fiction and nothing but. It indicates a bit of a psychopathic mindset apparently. I’m okay though: I have cheesy sci-fi novels and a whole ton of really good fiction. I’d still make an awesome dictator though. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing S, I’m in full on snuggle mode. I’m not depressed but I’ve noticed that my thoughts increasingly revolve around sleep and I’ve started feeling psychologically cold by which I mean the curious phenomenon of physically being warm enough but feeling the need to do things to make myself warmer. I have this ridiculously thick and massive king sized duvet which is far too warm to use really, but I use it because somehow its comforting because of its weight and thickness; I can really bury myself under it. 

Anyway, off to bed.



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