Wing Commode.

I’m watching Wing Commander because I can. They so fucked up this film. How I don’t know considering the games are basically movies. Why make so many changes? WFT is this pilgrim shit? No mention is make in universe of being able to manually navigate a jump point, in fact, jump points are just things that you move through like you would a door in space.

On top of this there are some excellent Wing Commander novels that they could  have turned into films but no. They had to make this shit. To be fair, it’s okay, I enjoy it as long as I don’t think about the games or the novels. The novels, most of them, are seriously hardcore stuff. In one an admiral orders her son to ram an enemy battleship with his frigate because the situation is that desperate. Every battle is on a knife edge, people are sacrificing themselves left, right and centre, they’d make awesome films.

Also it’s the Tiger’s Claw, not the Tiger Claw.


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