So a certain popular newspaper invoked my ire by suggesting that a) Abu Bakr, the second Caliph, wasn’t an arsehole and that if men who were not elderly got blown up that it wasn’t terrorism. So I gave them a bit of a history lesson. Then some muslim piped up and I gave him a history lesson with a theology lesson thrown in for free.

This attracted the attention of a rather attractive young woman and we’ve been chatting at a moderate pace ever since. Naturally she is not British, the pattern of my life that women who are interested in me are not British continues as does the pattern of another foreign woman with an intellect that is rare among British woman.

Anywho so we’re chatting, getting to know each other and one curious thing strikes me: She’s a fucking spitting image of my ex. They could be sisters, it’s scary. Also, like my ex, I suspect that she does some modeling judging by her profile photos. Hopefully she’s not like my ex in having a weird fear of intimacy with people she’s meant to be intimate with and yet a tendency to jump into bed with anyone that she doesn’t know.

We’ll see where this goes.


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