So basically I’m not meant to be here. Uh uh. Something has gone sooooo wrong. It just isn’t meant to be like this and I know how it should have been but it wasn’t………God fucked up. God made a mistake because I was put here for a reason but now the reason is gone. Why? Boredom.

Where’s my fucking navigator? Like, no doubt, we’ll bump into each other eventually and be like “Fuuucck! The fuck have you been? Beer? How fucked up is this shit really?” Because nothing is right, nothing is as it’s meant to be.

Me? Nooo. Nuh uh.

Sleep dep. Mania. Dots totally connected. See the whole thing. Shhhh. SHHHHH! Mmmhmm. Sleep. When. Dead.  Looking up at the runway, everything’s perfect, this is how it should be. Go toe to toe with me? And I thought I was mad. Shhh.

Really, God. Really? Don’t fuck with me. Put me where I belong. She did have really big tits though, whatever that means. *squelch* So bored. The only voice I’m hearing is my own, the fuck knows what you schizoid bastards are hearing. Where’s my rosary?

It’s not a death wish, it’s a life wish. Life only feels right when you’re looking death in the face. I’m not risking death, I’m pushing the possibilities of life. The more alive you are, the closer to death you become……discuss. The permanence of  the ever changing now.

Her finger to my lips…shhhhh………shhhhh…..shh.shh.shhh.shhh.  Don’t shhh me. Run with me. IP! Running in!

Look at me. Am I judging you? So relax.


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