So tired. I think I’m going to hit the sack about 12, seems to be a reasonable time. I’m in this pattern where I can’t sleep, then I sleep all day, then I can’t sleep. I’m thinking about getting a light box.

I’m listening to Avril Lavigne – that’s how bad things are. Actually I’m bopping and I’m not even remotely in time.  *nods* Avril Lavigne and random industrial, mostly T3RR0R 3RR0R. It makes sense to me…..mmmmkay?

I miss S. I miss her theatricality – I miss her energy. I miss her expressiveness. Dakota has that too. I just like highly extroverted women. I miss all the little rituals with S. Like one of us will randomly start bopping and then the other one copies and gradually the routine gets more and more complex.

Oooh, mania kicking in. Don’t you fucking beep beep boop me, bitch!


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