One is slightly excited that Dakota will be back next week. The only problem is making sure that her and India are not in the same room again. I was talking this over with Gman on Tuesday while we were ram raiding Shrewsbury for wine and afternoon tea: the whole, “You expect me to believe that you couldn’t feel for India what you feel for me?”hashtag howisthatnotjealousy.com?

Then again just because a woman doesn’t like another woman taking her attention it doesn’t mean that she feels anything for the pleb giving her the attention. Female attention seeking is starting to grate on me actually. It’s this whole thing where sex is being offered, seemingly offered, maybe offered, dunno and yet sex is not forthcoming.

YES, I KNOW LOLA! They’ve got be blogging about them, I am fail I KNOW!

Anyway. Maybe it’s a man thing but I just want things to be simple like, you know, “Let’s have sex” leads to sex at the first available opportunity.

In other news I found out that there was a Steam weekend sale on and bought the Doom pack for £3.40! This pleases me greatly.  Also I picked up The Man with No Name Trilogy  on Blu-ray for £10. This blu-ray player thing is by far the best thing that I’ve ever bought, I absolutely love it. Not just because it plays blu-rays but because all the other things it does. In fairness the fact that dad gave me the old TV from downstairs ads to it. It’s rare that I don’t have it on in the background now and being able to watch iPlayer and such is a godsend.


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