The Narrative vs History.

I’m watching this thing on the BBC about the history of Spain and I notice that it’s peddling the same nonsense narrative.


•Spain conquered by Carthage which builds advanced cities.

•Carthage defeated by Rome which builds more advanced cities and maintains more cities in Spain.

•Rome defeated by the Vandals who are swiftly defeated by the Byzantines who built and maintained magnificent cities.

•Byzantines defeated by the Visigoths who undertake a massive program of building work and cultural enrichment.

•Muslims defeat the Visigoths and conquer a population that has been urbanised and build and maintained fantastic cities for centuries.

•Muslims get all the credit by Western Liberals as if people were living in mud huts before they came.

The same is true in the middle east. The Persians had been building magnificent cities for millennia before the muslim Arabs conquered them and who gets the credit? The Muslims. It wasn’t that this bunch of tent dwellers conquered highly advanced civilisations with the skills, social organisation, wealth and civic pride enough to build and maintain magnificent cities: it’s apparently, according to the narrative, that these people needed tent dwellers to build cities and before Islam everyone was living in mud huts. Oddly enough the one place that Islam didn’t come with magnificent cities was Arabia……..

So all this, “Grenada had public lighting while London was a collection of mud huts” is bollocks. London was in a part of the world that had suffered total collapse in a way that much of the Roman/Byzantine world just hadn’t. This isn’t a story of Muslims bringing civilisation: this is a story of Muslims moving to highly advanced civilisations. In fact London in the 9th Century might have been a wonderful place if the Muslim invasions hadn’t cut the trade routes with the mediterranean and impoverished most of northern Europe in the process.

As Ibn Khaldun pointed out: North Africa was the breadbasket of the Roman empire, there were olive farms along the sides of the road which paid for the maintenance of the roads, there were fields of wheat stretching to the horizon………and then the Arabs, who knew nothing of farming, came and destroyed the place and now it’s a desert. North Africa, 1400 years on, has still not recovered from the coming of Islam. Also as Ibn Khaldun pointed out the coming of Islam meant massive impoverishment for the people of north Africa leading to a massive increase in piracy, which destroyed trade in the region leading to a general impoverishment of everyone. Northern Europe couldn’t export its goods to the rich Byzantine empire because the costs of moving goods over land were prohibitive and sea routes were cut and so northern Europe was plunged into a dark age.

That’s history.





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