It has Lauren Southern and everything.

It’s weird: All my life I’ve been quite anti-authoritarian, quite against ruling elites, but I never thought that being a rebel would be about preserving free speech or basic fundamental rights. When I was fifteen I thought it would be about changing the world, I dread to say it but making “progress”. I never thought that being a rebel would mean being a classical liberal. I never thought that I’d have to put “classical” in front of “liberal” to distinguish myself from the fascist lefties who have appropriated “liberalism”.

I never thought that as Douglas Murray says, that we’d have a “cartoon crisis” or that I’d find myself fighting society because it’s become so spineless that when it’s attacked by Islamofascists it just caves in or that I’d be in a position where I have to counter memes with facts.

I thought we’d got past this. I thought we’d be at a point where as a supposedly liberal democracy we’d be quite clear that the values of seventh century Arabia had no place in our society. This is what my liberal instincts told me and yet here were are, in the current year, and there are all these non-Muslim, so called liberals who have to be continually challenged over this just so that we can stop them destroying our liberty to keep Islamofascists happy.


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