That moment when you realise she isn’t six hundred miles away and that she’s actually more like six miles away…….

You remember this? Well you do now because you’ve read it. Well I knew that she went to university here but I thought that she’d finished. Now it turns out that, no, she hasn’t and that she’s literally twenty minutes down the road.

I wouldn’t say that we chat a lot but my initial impressions hold up: I still feel like I’m dealing with a very intelligent woman and when we talk it’s always interesting and I feel like she fits into that kind of pattern of the women I have around me. That sounds so………But yeah, she’s intelligent, educated, obviously passionate about things.

So I asked her out for coffee and she said “We’ll see. If time permits” so we’ll see if this means “We’ll see. If time permits” or if this means “No”. To be fair it’s one weeks before everywhere breaks up for Christmas and she’s probably going home for the holiday, so timing is not with me.


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