Although the scene with the X-Wings running in low over the lake was good. The dogfight that followed was pretty lame, but seeing them running in was good.

When I finally get Seven Wolves finished and it gets made into a film it’ll blow anything else that’s been made away. The build up’s are better so it’s not just ACTION!! MORE ACTION!! The opening where they’re running in over the moon starts gently; they’re just cruising along. Then they’re doing their checks, it’s mundane, grounded, professional, but the seriousness builds in the tension, this isn’t some hollywood thrill ride, this is serious, almost documentary style stuff. It’s an attack.

Then they actually get to the moon, they’re using it to mask their approach to the target. They drop down still flying manually, still checking over their instruments, throttling up a little bit. Master arm on. Torpedo on…… systems check………still checking…..still checking….systems nominal. The torpedo’s warming up, throttling up a little bit more, getting lower and lower, closer to the moon’s surface. Then they hit the IP and they’re actually on the bomb run. Terrain following radar or lidar goes on, throttles set, autopilot on. Ishan nervously takes his hand off the throttle. His hand hovers above it as he checks to see that the computer is actually taking over.

Now they’re actually right down in the dirt, the throttles are wide open, the ground is skimming past faster and faster, the fighter is rattling along pulling sustained high g maneuvers. Ishan and the other pilots are straining against them, it’s hard going and this goes on and on, hard sustained turns, everything feels like it’s going to break apart. There’s a big mountain ahead.

Then suddenly the squadron pops up over this mountain and the moon is gone and there’s the Earth and you can see this tiny little grouping of specks and that’s the carrier, it’s escort and the troop ships and you get the sense of the speed as these fighters cross 250,000 miles in no time. The moment they pop up Ishan, with this forced calm, says “Tally ho! Committing the attack!”. He’s not some brave, heroic, totally fearless leader, he’s shitting himself but keeping it calm. Warning alarms are going off, all hell is breaking loose.

So now they’re running in, the torpedos are locking onto their targets and the fighters are still rushing in. Finally the torpedoes are launched, the run is completed Ishan tells everyone to check in and there’s this anxious wait to see if everyone has made it. “Alpha, here!” “Bravo, here!” “Charlie!” “Delta!” everyone’s made it…………and then the nervous chatter erupts as everyone releases all the tension. They’re all laughing and joking but you can tell that it’s because they’ve all been shitting themselves royally.



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