I’m not happy with my Aikido at the moment. I feel like my whole body is disconnected and I’m doing everything with my upper body. I feel like I’m going through the motions of a technique without actually doing the technique. Ikkyo is really frustrating me. My Ikkyo has never really been something that I’ve been happy with but at the moment I feel like I’m trying to do everything with my arms, and that’s the exact opposite of what I should be doing, and I feel like the hand on the wrist is communicating the power when it should be the hand on the elbow.

I think I’m going to start doing everything stupidly slowly for a few weeks to just get my body together and get it operating as one unit from the hips instead of the mess it’s in now with each bit doing what it likes.



So CC sends me a photo of her holding a copy of The Art of Seduction and so I sent her a photo of me holding a copy of mine by way of saying, “I’ve read it too”. “I knew it!” she says.

Frankly I think that this is highly dangerous. CC is seductive enough as it is and if she gets any more seductive there’s a risk that Western civilisation may implode.


Totally. Fucking. Manic. I can literally feel the room around me. This is not helped by RX who is also manic as fuck. We’re pretty much just feeding off each other at the moment. I actually love other bipolar people because we can talk with an intensity that normies can’t.

Well done Merkle!

I think at this point if Merkle had any sense of decency she’d take a pistol off one of her security people, go into her office, write out a note accepting full responsibility and blow her own brains out.

The big media outlets are of course only reporting what they have to and I’m surprised that they’re even reporting that. I suspect they’ve figured out after Cologne that social media means that a story will spread if it’s big enough, even if they choose to help the cover up. The smaller media outlets are brim full of incidents though from migrants defecting and masturbating into public baths and chasing women around the changing rooms and masturbating over a three year old boy to a 17 year old Danish girl being arrested because she illegally used pepper spray on a migrant male who tried to rape her.

And Sweden? All the stuff that’s been floating around social media for years turns out to be absolutely true!

So now the EU is basically on the point of collapse, schengen is over and because Merkle invited the world to Germany we’re talking about building a wall around Greece as if it’s their fault. Then there are the looney lefties with their “But it’s not all the migrants” and I’m like, “So? How does that make things better? What does that change?”. I think this “it’s not all xzy” is really revealing use of language because it shows in the mind of the person uttering it that they don’t perceive the incident as being the problem. Paris got shot up, there were mass planned sexual assaults in multiple German and other European cities, these things are fine: The worrying thing, for them, is that all migrants PR campaign has gone south. The imperative is not to look after the victims, in fact they feel no outrage for the victims, the immediate concern is to make sure the image of migrants is protected. “It’s not all of them” is a correct response when migrants are being attacked, it’s not a correct response to hearing that a woman got raped.

I hate this bullshit dichotomy that exists where seemingly it’s thought impossible that the guy fleeing war could also be a rapist. Like rapists could be in a warzone and there’s something about being a rapist that makes him stay while everyone else gets out. Or like someone who comes from a culture that is massively repressive towards women magically changes the moment their foot touches European soil. It’s like: Your ideological bias is showing because it’s making you say the most asinine things.




I decided that the light in here was too harsh and so I have switched to using a lamp to light the room and I really like it: it gives a more relaxed, cozy feel to the place. It also induces me to go to bed earlier and then sleep all day, but I was sleeping all day anyway. One does at this time of year if one is left to one’s own devices. I think I might leave the curtains open so that the sunlight, hopefully, wakes me up.


Wing Commode.

I’ve just bought Heart of the Tiger and The Price of Freedom which adds to my collection of Wing Commander novels, which is possibly my geekiest passion. I’m semi-tempted to buy the last three novels but they’re from after the games were made and they don’t really relate all that well to the games: they add in a whole load of mystical mumbo jumbo that the games don’t have. Blair, the main character in the games, who isn’t in any of the original novels, suddenly gets made into a “pilgrim” a group of who have mystical powers to navigate through space. This bollocks first got mentioned in the film which pissed off the fans: in the games Blair is ace pilot, but he’s just human, there are no “pilgrims” in the books or the games excepting the books written based on the film. So I probably won’t buy the last three novels………unless it’s for completeness sake.