All you need to know is that Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist and almost literal snake oil salesman, is now the voice of reason. The world has gone that insane. I look at Europe now and if you pay attention to the European news you realise that there’s an epidemic of rape and sexual assault and here in the UK we only hear about the really big ones, although I notice that the Daily Mail seems to report a lot of it. Again, when the Daily Mail is the most reliable source of news, then the world is fucked.

S came here and was laughing about the fact that she nearly tried to get on a plane with pepper spray and there was a question of if she’ll be able to buy more because all the women in Munich and Germany (artist’s impression) more widely are buying up the pepper spray and most places are sold out. The migrants have changed the culture; the culture is now one where if you’re female you worry about going out alone at night and if you’re going out in the day then you make sure you’ve got your phone, your purse, your keys and your pepper spray.

Merkle has totally fucked up Germany and Europe more widely. I notice that the message has gone from, “Everyone and their mum welcome” to “They’ve only been issued temporary visas and will leave when the war is over” and sensible people who know that eighty percent or more of these people aren’t Syrian ask themselves, “So, the Moroccans will go home when the war in Syria is over?” never mind the Syrians.

Then the morons come out with their “But it’s not all migrants” crap. Shall we take this “not all” argument and apply it to the Nazis and see if the logic holds? Shall we say, “Oh but only a very tiny proportion of Nazis actually participated in the holocaust and you have to understand how poor and marginalised they were after the first world war. And most neo-nazis are totally law abiding citizens, they’re just normal everyday people who contribute a lot to our society”.

Have we now made the holocaust all okay? Are we like, “Fuck, you know what? I’m going to run out and hug a nazi now that I realise that not all Nazis are bad people”.  No. No we are not because we’re intelligent enough to realise that it doesn’t have to be the whole group for really bad things to happen. “Not all” is a thought terminating cliché.

I don’t really care about sounding racist because I’m not; my thing is culture, I’m fascinated by culture so whatever anyone thinks of me fine and I’ll say it plain: Of course there’s now an epidemic of sexual assault, rape and general stupidity like chasing women into the changing rooms or masturbating or defecating into the swimming pool. If you understand middle eastern culture you understand that this was all inevitable and that this is a long term thing.

We’re talking about people who don’t know anything about Europe or it’s culture and think that their culture is literally perfect. They think that we’re dirty pigs and that our women are slutty whores. The only women most of these guys have ever seen are their female relatives and suddenly they’re in Europe where there are women everywhere, and they’re not even wearing a burqa and that means, in their culture, that these women are sluts. They didn’t even realise that Europe is cold in the winter.

It makes me want to just scream when I think how naive Merkle and all the stupid lefties are. “Oh but they’re fleeing war”. Yes, but they’re people who rape women and then have them stoned to death for adultery fleeing war. There’s nothing about self preservation which makes one some kind of paragon of Western virtues. It’s not like a bomb lands and you decide to flee and at that moment you realise the fundamental equality of women and realise that your whole cultural approach to women has been wrong up until now.

No, you’re a fucking rapey misogynist fleeing for your life and you flee all the way to Cologne and one night you and your thousand other friends from the same culture all organise a mass sexual assault on the local women and you do it because when you think about it and imagine how she feels about it you find that you’re okay with it. You don’t value her enough to think that sexually assaulting her is doing something wrong.

The whole thing angers me. It makes me worry for S in the immediate term and the future of the whole of Western civilisation in the long term. Is this the new Europe? Do we have to now live with the fact that there are a million or so people from a literal rape culture that we just let in because reasons.


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