Bra’s with a front clasp should be banned. I could be quite rational about boobs. I could be. I could say, like many women I know, “What’s the big deal? They’re just two bags of fat” and yes, this is true. They are two bags of fat, some tissue, mammary glands blood vessels etc. This rather existentialist way of looking at things doesn’t in any way communicate the emotional impact of boobs.

So S looks at me and her eyes narrow a little, her eyebrow cocks, there’s a little turn of the head, a small smile…..there’s a moment of tension……we both know what’s going to happen………and then she lets go of the clasp. The bra falls open, her boobs fall out and now we’re experiencing what is known as “boob drop”. Sure enough the boobs drop and then bounce and bounce, and bounce. This is possibly the most mesmerising thing.

Her arms shoot out, “Come on then” she says in the tone of voice reserved for a toddler or perhaps a stray puppy, “come here”. The most curious thing is that twenty minutes later when I’m still sucking away she leans back a little to make herself more comfortable and her nipple gets pulled out of my mouth; immediately I make this completely involuntary yelp and, just as I’m registering that I’m actually doing this, S responds with one of her own as she practically suffocates me by squeezing me into her chest.  For a moment or two we look at each other in total shock. “What the hell was that?” she laughs. I shrug, she kisses my forehead and we go back to the nipple sucking.

Not that we’ve actually sat and timed this but S actually cums from having her nipples sucked about every five minutes or so. The really funny thing is that the more I suckle the more tender her nipples become and the harder she cums. So after about an hour she’s pretty much cum drunk and unresponsive apart from when she cums. Mind you after an hour I’m barely awake, I’m in my oxytocin induced happy place, I suppose we both are. Often we end up just cuddling until one of us gets hungry or I fall asleep. Actually usually I fall asleep.

I feel so safe, so secure, so wanted, needed, loved, protected, so relaxed that I can’t stay awake. I think that’s what good sex is. One one hand there’s the nutty Christians who think that sex is all about reproduction and so you should wait until marriage and then on the other end there’s the people who think that you should sleep around like crazy but I think both kind of miss the point of it all.

Guys annoy me and make me laugh actually when they talk about women and sex because I’m like “No, wrong. Totally wrong.” in my view making a woman come back for more sex or in fact cum hard is, oddly enough, all about how you make her feel. If you make her feel relaxed and comfortable, if you give her that sense of being supported and liberated, that she can totally be herself and that you are listening to her and interested in what gets her off then she’ll cum really easily and cum really hard. It’s so strange, if you ask what people want, and then give it to them, they like it.


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