Aikido + Mania.

Ow. I may have somewhat crippled myself in training. I seem to have this slowly spreading back pain.

In more positive news my mood was cured by said kebab, followed by a double cheese burger. After this I felt much better and in fact I may now be slightly manic. So there.

I feel that this is generally a good thing. I woke up on Sunday and put on Hed Kandi: Serve Chilled, sat down my bed and it suddenly dawned on me that this isn’t my usual, normal, behavior. Then today I went to bed at 5am and got up at 9am fresh as a daisy and basically got everything I need to do this week done before I went training.


Also I’m being sent on a first aid course so that I’m officially an assistant instructor. This costs a small fortune but fortunately the dojo is paying so I don’t care.

I came to this realisation too: a lot of the time when I practice I’m actually not even attempting to do the technique. Like we have this new guy and I’m doing the technique with my upper body strength rather than my hips and the technique doesn’t work all that well. Then I’ll practice with someone else and smash them into the mat. If I was training with B or R like we used to train it’d be brutal. It was brutal, we’d be throwing full force atemi at each other, smashing techniques on and the only reason there weren’t injuries is because our ukemi was so good. Training like that is a whole different level of intensity where the difference between training and fighting gets a bit blurred.



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