One of the things I really like about me is that I love fighting. Like any chance I get where I feel that I’m justified in smashing someone into the floor, I’ll take it. Other guys need to work themselves up for it, I can’t wait for it because smashing people into the floor is what I do for fun. Literally it is my hobby.

So we’re in the pub and these two guys are having an argument and one guy leaves and the other guy comes and sits by us loudly telling us how fine he is and how everything is alright. Between Jboy and me and this guy is a group of women. So the guy who left suddenly comes back and he’s offering to take on all comers and one of the women is telling him to get out and fuck off and he’s threatening her.

At this point I’ve taken out my wallet and my phone and put them to one side because I’m now waiting for an excuse to flatten him. The moment he moved to hit her I’d have flattened him. So then this douche, realising that the entire pubs is watching him threatens the entire pub again. Then he looks at me. Great. I want him to kick off. I really want him to kick off. I want that excuse that allows me to smash him into the middle of next week. Does he give it to me? No.

I’m not going to lie, I thought about provoking the situation. Instead he looks at me for a couple of seconds. I sip my pint, holding eye contact with him, and he starts going on about how he can have someone there in half an hour to shoot us all with a shotgun. I nearly laughed.


Thinking on it I have this gesture where I push my already rolled up sleeves up; it’s something that I do all the time in Aikido and it’s become a general unconscious habit. I slide my right hand up my left forearm until it pushes the sleeve up and then, of course, my left hand is on my right elbow and I push that sleeve up. It’s so unconscious that I will do this in the middle of four man attack or between techniques.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I did this while he was looking at me.

It’s not the least intimidating gesture in the world.



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