Eye spy…..

So mum bought a telescope. She’s been talking about it for ages; she has this thing about looking at the moon and seeing the Jovian moons too so eventually I ordered one for her off amazon. I’m not going to lie, I’m getting quite excited at the prospect of setting it up and pointing it at Jupiter and Saturn. I’m not sure it’s good enough to make Saturn out as anything other than a pale blob, but even so. Even the Jovian moons will probably be just four points of light with a big blob of Jupiter in the middle.


New phone.

So I goofed. I got myself a new phone since my old one is a) An S3 Mini and thus less advanced even than the phone Julius Caesar used to text, “Veni, Vidi, vici” to his mum. b)Has a cracked screen. c)Does this curious thing where it decides that the battery is flat and then proceeds to continuously restart itself.

I ended up going to a Samsung Galaxy S6 and bought myself a nice brown leather case to go with it. The goof was that it got delivered at silly o’clock and one was not exactly awake; I’m not a morning person at the best of times. So I decided, without searching the bag that it came in, that the sim had not been sent with it and duly called up the company to order a new one. Then I found it.

The upshot is that I have a nice new phone today but have to wait until tomorrow to actually use the bloody thing. I’m contemplating getting a wireless charger but I’m not entirely sure what the point is beyond that you can basically leave it on the charger and forget about it and not worry about the phone not being charged when you leave the house. Given that the S6 comes with a fast charger and charges in under ninety minutes I’m not sure that this is that much of an issue.

In related news, since I have a new phone I’m thinking of joining modernity and getting my bank’s app and even a debit card. Up until now I’ve never really trusted myself with one, but I’m thinking maybe it’s time to trust myself a bit more and see how it goes. Plus to be honest I like the idea of not having to find the nearest cash machine and I figure that if I can check my account on my phone then I can monitor my spending and it means that I don’t have to carry so much cash around with me. Not that I carry much cash around; I’m just generally a fan of using technology where possible often for the sake of using technology. Also it cuts out the bulk of a wallet.

Actually talking about carrying cash around it solves my problem of taking out £100, going on a night out and thinking I’ve spent a fortune and then finding that I have £50 in change and the concomitant problem of then trying to deal with £50 of change for the next week.

Also: hypomania and new toys………..



It’s curious needing about four hours sleep. I don’t even get tired. I go to bed because I kind of feel that it’s the done thing. I lay there for a bit, apparently fall asleep, wake up a few hours later and I’m awake as can be, then I crack on.

I swear RX is the fucking poster girl for mania. She is the most manic creature I have ever seen in my entire life. She’s totally bat shit insane, which is why I like her.

Also I miss S, mainly because I want a cuddle. Actually I just miss S. I always miss S. If S is not here then she is missed.


I actually find that I very, very, very rarely feel lust. I think this might be a mania thing: when you’ve experienced mania the rest of life kinda has the volume turned down. Generally I find that few things excite me and I’m seldom impressed by anything. I’ve been in situations where I pretty much expected to die and found the experience a bit dull; boredom is a big part of my life.

So back to lust: I see women day in, day out, and only rarely do I see one I find attractive. As in if I mooched about town for four or five hours passing hundreds or thousands of women I might see one I found attractive. Might.

Then there are stippers: I think that maybe to actually elicit arousal a woman basically has to be naked and I have to be in a seedy, hypersexualised, environment. Or they have to be someone like S: a goth who habitually goes out dressed in a hypersexualised way. Even with the nonsexual stuff; for me to take an interest in a woman I have to feel that she is deeply intellectual or I switch off. I get bored.

So when I think about it I’m in constant need of stimulation or boredom sets in, even if it’s just reading a book. Now that I’ve said that I wonder if I’m a compulsive reader because it allows an escape from perpetual boredom. I seldom go anywhere without a book. Even if I’m meeting friends for lunch I take a book.

Actually I’m finding this a bit boring now if I’m honest.



Found this in reaction to today’s attacks.

“According to Hitler himself, Nazism is just about helping your fellow countrymen, nothing in it about killing other people. That’s simply a corruption of true Nazism, the ideology itself shouldn’t be criticized. I should know, I have a bunch of Nazi friends and they’re not violent. If you’re worried about them setting fire to your parliament building, executing the opposition and then seizing control you’re probably just a Germanophobic bigot who doesn’t realize that Nazism means peace and friendship and harmony and helping your neighbor. Right? Waiting for leftists to agitate for Nazism, thanks.”

I saw this and I found myself sighing in agreement because I’m now waiting for basically this statement to be made all over social media except with “Mohammad” substituted for “Hitler” “Islam” for “Nazism” and “Islamophobic” for “Germanophobic”.

That said, I feel like with every passing terrorist attack it’s harder to say, “Islam is a religion of peace” or “Not all muslims”. It sounds tired and worn out to say it now.

Waa waa, goo goo ga ga. Etc.


I actually like Ramzpaul. I think it comes out of my love of ideas, especially if they’re controversial. Like I am British, I’m sarcastic all the time, I defend positions I don’t even hold, mess with people intellectually just because. Also I have sympathy with the alt-right and identitarianism and even the dark enlightenment to an extent. I’m pretty much evil. I have an impish sense of humour and I think the West is culturally superior to everyone else and needs preserving at literally all costs. If the West goes under then humanity as a whole is fucked as I see it.

On this though I actually agree except that I blame the problem of low birth rate on feminism. Well, partly it’s a cultural thing: as Jones puts it in The European Miracle Europeans have always preferred “consumption over children” and have tended to marry late and have fewer children compared to other cultures. That being said apart from time of war or natural disaster the population has always been growing or at worst stable; the blame for a decline in fertility levels and an aging population I put right at the door of feminism.

It’s great to tell women that they can do anything, it’s great to have a society where women can do anything they want with their lives but this has to be balanced against the fact that we need children and we need adults who can continue our culture. Look at this way: we’re below replenishment rate. You know what that means? Feminism is dying out. The culture that created it, the culture that supports it, is dying out so on that basis I don’t think there can be a serious argument against what I say from the feminists. Make more feminists for fuck sake!

That’s my controversial post for the week. Next week, why we should scrap democracy and adopt absolute monarchies again! I jest! I jest. You see if you want to fuck people up though argue from a dark enlightenment perspective. It’s not irrefutable but the amount of people who have done the reading to be able to refute successfully the whole dark enlightenment paradigm is pretty small so you can have a lot of fun with it.

I think I just like winding people up. Like I’ll sit there having a heated discussion in a coffee shop for three hours, brazenly arguing for fascism, to the abject horror of everyone in earshot and my friends will be nigh on ripping their hair out in a mixture of disgust and anger and then they’re like, “Wait, I thought you said that you’re a classical liberal” and I’m like “Yeah, I am” and then they go apeshit as they realise that, once again, I’ve been defending, rather well, a position I don’t even hold. I enjoy the argument, I enjoy the debate, I enjoy the intellectual exercise and you don’t get any of that when you argue from the dominant paradigm.

Also it’s the way I was educated: to effectively counter someone’s position you need to understand and be able to argue their position at least as well as they can. Anything else is just strawmanning your opponent and you don’t want to give them that get out; the absolute last thing that you want when you’re going up against a nazi is for them to truthfully claim that you are strawmanning them. I get the impression this is a very British way of educating people.