In summary.

One has not been sectioned under the mental health act. I forgot that I can drink Gman under the table thrice over and thus the limiting factor on the general insanity is his tolerance for alcohol.

So what happened is that I arrived back about nine in the pm, rather tired since I’d had about three hours sleep, and went to bed. Now I’m awake with one serious case of the munchies. One is therefore about to embark on a raid of the kitchen.

Note to Tesco: Your crumbled ham is essentially bland and pointless and only marginally edible with the addition of cheese. You should immediately cease production and produce more honey roasted ham which is infinitely superior.

I’m kind of curious as to where my sudden desire to have sex with Q has arisen from. I suppose that once you’ve decided, or rather the brain has decided, that sleeping with someone is a good idea then they get put in box and every now and then the desire becomes conscious. Small athletic blondes are not usually my type but I think that maybe it’s a case that I have a desire for two different women: curvy, busty women and small athletic blondes. I suspect each fulfils a function. The busty ones are for being looked after by and the athletic ones are for that bit of me that likes being dominant and protective.

I want to dominate Q. I want to kiss her all over, caress her, massage her, but I want her to feel dominated, I want her to be aware that I’m bigger and stronger than her, I want her to feel my weight and strength, I want her to feel helpless and I want her to love it. I want to make her feel sexy and desired, irresistible in fact.

Don’t know what if to do anything about it.


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