One has returned unharmed from the wilderness of the Cotswolds. Might cop flak for that one from she of the Cotswolds, we’ll see. *grin* Turns out that the course wasn’t in Gloucester it was in Stroud. Actually to my way of thinking it was in a leisure centre infested by Americans in the exact middle of nowhere until the sat nav told me it was actually in the middle of what passes for an urban area out there. Also “automatic” doors that do not open automatically.

There seems to be a weird correlation between Aikido classes and mother and toddler groups in that there always seems to be a point where I find myself wading through a gaggle of them trying to get into a dojo.  Especially in London. I don’t like Londoner’s generally, they’re dopey. You have to tell them to do fairly basic things, like, not stick their fingers in the electrical sockets or that their three bean choca mocha soy lemon grass and kale latte is not the most important thing right now or that holding the sword by the pointy bit is perhaps not the most optimal way of using the weapon. The last one is actually real. I was attacked by someone holding the bokken by the blade. Also once I told this female personage that she was holding the jo the wrong way round, and she apologised and flipped it over. That’s so London.

Needless to say after getting up at 4:30 in the AM, and being generally hypomanic anyway, I have been hypomanic as fuck all day long. In fact I have been quite the social butterfly and general “take charge of things” type person organising training groups and whatnot, introducing people. looking after the brats to make sure that they don’t kill each other.

Also, to underline the uncivilised nature of the place, there was no coffee available until about 9am. We were on the mat at 8:30. You cannot imagine how not happy my dojo is when caffeine is not available. Like if we’re going to London the only talk in the car is where we’re stopping for coffee; that’s it. There is no other discussion. No other topic is worthy of discussion.  Pulling out of our caffeine stop the discussion turns to the next most important thing: lunch. That’s basically all we talk about: Where to get coffee or energy drinks and what to have for lunch. Literally our dojo, as a collective, has no interests outside of eating.

I’m sitting here and I can’t sit still. It’s just, comforting to keep fidgeting around.


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