So Jboy and I met up with India. She’s got a fight coming up and we needed to give her the money for the tickets. I find this thing with women, maybe it’s the same with all men; the moment I’m alone with a woman she suddenly changes. “So why are you going to see Dakota? That is insane, she’ll fuck things up probably just by accident”.

Dakota does this change all the time: the moment we’re alone the posture changes, the eyes open a little in rebuke or the opposite, they close in a sultry way, the head turns coyly, depending on whether I’m about to be told off for something or probed for information which isn’t for the ears of others or a discussion about something personal needs to happen. Then whoever comes back and her whole demeanor changes back.

I digress.

So India and me go to the bar to order food and the moment we get there she says the above, I’m not repeating it. I agreed that it was insane and I said that the bright side was that I now have plenty of cash saved up. India suggested a break somewhere. I said that I’d thought of this. She said that she wanted to go to Edinburgh.

Yes, I picked up on it. “Fuck going to see her, take me to Edinburgh”. Now I should mention at this point that everything up to “I’d like to go to Edinburgh” we’ve said before on Facebook, so it’s entirely possible that she’s been mulling over this for over a week.

My problem with this whole thing is what the actual is going on? Assuming that I’m reading the situation correctly. A woman who has basically ignored me for three months meets up with me and asks, suggests, demands, slyly insinuates that we should go to Edinburgh together. In fairness she ignores everyone. She ignores everyone to the point where she has to post FB updates apologising for ignoring everyone; she’s like Dakota in that regard.

I feel like I know a lot of women who basically ignore everyone most of the time.


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