Found this in reaction to today’s attacks.

“According to Hitler himself, Nazism is just about helping your fellow countrymen, nothing in it about killing other people. That’s simply a corruption of true Nazism, the ideology itself shouldn’t be criticized. I should know, I have a bunch of Nazi friends and they’re not violent. If you’re worried about them setting fire to your parliament building, executing the opposition and then seizing control you’re probably just a Germanophobic bigot who doesn’t realize that Nazism means peace and friendship and harmony and helping your neighbor. Right? Waiting for leftists to agitate for Nazism, thanks.”

I saw this and I found myself sighing in agreement because I’m now waiting for basically this statement to be made all over social media except with “Mohammad” substituted for “Hitler” “Islam” for “Nazism” and “Islamophobic” for “Germanophobic”.

That said, I feel like with every passing terrorist attack it’s harder to say, “Islam is a religion of peace” or “Not all muslims”. It sounds tired and worn out to say it now.


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